Thursday , January 21 2021
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DUI News Digest

Downers Grove mayor responds to Tribune investigation into DUI fees

For years, Downers Grove and other towns throughout DuPage County have used outside attorneys to prosecute misdemeanor drunken driving arrests. That practice is under new scrutiny as a recent Tribune investigation revealed town prosecutors charge DUI defendants much higher fees and fines than do county prosecutors and routinely increase those costs in plea deals allowing drivers to avoid losing their driver’s license as mandated by Illinois law. Read More »

New alcohol tracker makes a difference for DUI offenders, saves tax dollars

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.  — A Marion County judge says a new alcohol tracker is making a difference.  The device helps keep DUI offenders sober, at no cost to taxpayers. It’s called “RADAR,” or Real Time Alcohol Monitoring Detection and Recognition.  Offenders are given random Breathalyzer tests throughout the day.  The results are sent in real-time to correction officers.  The program is used as either a condition for release, or part of a sentence. Read More »

Medical marijuana users can face DUI charges even if they are unimpaired

Arizona medical marijuana users can face jail time or have their licenses suspended for driving with cannabis in their system even if they are not impaired, according to a series of court decisions including a new one from the state Court of Appeals. The ruling stems from a case involving Travis Lance Darrah, a medical marijuana cardholder, who was pulled over in 2011 and charged with DUI. The Mesa jury acquitted Darrah of DUI but found him guilty of a misdemeanor ... Read More »

Emma’s Law Cutting Down DUI Deaths With Car Breathalyzer

GREENVILLE, S.C. – There are drastic new changes to South Carolina’s DUI laws. Now, state officials are making sure they’re ready to hand down the new punishment to first time offenders. It requires more drivers to use “ignition interlocks,” a breathalyzer designed to transform convicted DUI offenders into responsible drivers. Under “Emma’s Law,” anyone convicted for the first time of driving under the influence with a blood-alcohol level over 0.15 must use the device for 6 months. Offenders convicted for ... Read More »

A new DUI law with marijuana?

Two years from now, Florida police may have a new category of impairment to consider: driving under the influence of a physician-recommended intoxicant. Assuming Amendment 2 passes on Nov. 4 allowing the use of medical marijuana in the state, residents would be able to treat a raft of conditions — ranging from cancer to glaucoma — with the plant. Read More »