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The Seven Year Slog

The Seven Year Slog By Andrew Mishlove The case lasted seven years, six of it with me.  I was lucky to have a motivated client, but whose faith in me only made it more stressful.  I could tell a hundred vignettes about this case, but I’ll not try to do it all at once. The Ethics Dilemma Johnson[1] was charged with third offense DUI, facing a year in jail.   I had an argument that his record was flawed, and he ... Read More »

Lowering the blood-alcohol content (BAC) cutoff to 0.05: Sheriff says “you can count me out on that one”

Milwaukee County Sherriff David Clarke has a reputation for cracking down on drunk drivers and pushing for tougher drunk driving laws. The new proposal that would decrease the legal limit from 0.08 to 0.05, however, isn’t exactly what he had in mind. In Milwaukee, the average drunk driver has a BAC over 0.15; almost twice the legal limit. These individuals, Clarke believes, are the ones law enforcement officers in Wisconsin should be concerned with, not the social drinker who can ... Read More »