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Adam D. Stolte has been licensed in Kansas since 2012, and successfully defended  DUI defendants from the smallest city courts all the way up to the Kansas Supreme Court.  Adam is serious about DUI defense; he has attended the exact same training as most DUI officers for both alcohol and drug DUI's.  You may contact Adam through his website at or by telephone at (913) 575-8823 or (844) JOCO-DUI.

DUI Case Certain To Be Heard By Kansas Supreme Court

In Kansas, the penalty for a DUI conviction depends largely on how many prior DUI convictions the defendant has.  For instance, the penalty for a first DUI requires 48 hours in custody and a $750 fine while the penalty for a fourth DUI requires 72 hours in custody and a $2,500 fine.  Judges in DUI cases order a criminal history report that includes a list of all prior convictions.  To determine whether the prior out-of-state DUI conviction can be used ... Read More »