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Adding new posts to the DUI News Blog is extremely simple. Follow the steps below to easily add new blog posts.

Note: You must be logged in to your DUI News Blog account in order to create blog posts.

1. Navigate to the “Add a New Post” Page
Find this under “Members” in the main menu.

2. Write a Title for Your Post (Required)
Insert your title into the “Post Title” field.

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3. Insert the Body of Your Post (Required)
You can type your post directly into the “Post Body” field or copy and paste from a text editor, such as Microsoft Word.

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4. Select a Category for Your Post (Required)
Select ONE or TWO relevant categories for your post. Categories can be thought of as the table of contents of the blog. For example, if your article pertains to DUI laws in Chicago you would want to select “Illinois DUI Law.” Please, only select categories that are relevant to the article you are posting.

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5. Create Tags for Your Post (Optional)
You may also want to create a few tags for your blog post. Tags are like the blog’s index words. For example, I may enter the following tags for my blog post: “Field sobriety test, fst, blood test”. Blog tags should be comma separated.

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6. Add an Image
If you wish, you can also add an image to accompany your blog post. Select “Choose File” and select an image from your computer’s hard drive to upload.

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7. Click Submit
Clicking “Submit” will publish your post. Please review all fields before submitting.

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