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Payne Law Firm gets MEDIEVAL with the government so that our clients can get back to life in the present. Brannen has helped thousands of people fight their DWI charge and Win Fantastic Results across Arkansas. I founded Payne Law Firm, DWI Defense, to provide focused and personalized representation on DWI cases throughout Northwest Arkansas and the River Valley. My firm is exclusively focused on DWI and criminal defense, and its core value is to serve clients by providing a personal and familiar guide through the criminal defense process.

Arkansas Increases “Look Back” Period for DWI Charges.

On July 28, 2021, the Arkansas legislature effected a wide-reaching change to the state’s DWI law. Most notably, the “look-back” period for misdemeanor DWI charges, A.C.A. 5-65-111, was increased from five to ten years. For sixth offense DWI charges, the look-back period is now twenty years–a full two decades. The waiting period to seal or expunge old misdemeanor charges was similarly increased. In Arkansas, DWI 1st through 3rd offense are all misdemeanor charges. This recent change fully doubled the time ... Read More »