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Harley Wagner
Recently Named Best DUI attorney in West Virginia There is hope after a DUI arrest. If you are looking for somewhere to turn for help with your WV DUI, look no further. DUI lawyer Harley Wagner is here to put the pieces of your life back together. Speak with him today about how to build a defense for your DUI case. View Full Bio

Should I Take the WV DUI Breath Test or Refuse?

DUI Refusal in West Virginia NO LONGER Equals Reward! (*More so with WV licensed drivers than out-of-state licensed drivers – read below for further info.) In the Spring of 2016, I wrote an article entitled Refuse No More West Virginia! where I advised citizens that effective June 1, 2016, “refusing” the official breath test at a police station after you were handcuffed and arrested for a West Virginia DUI was no longer as favorable a choice as it once was. I ... Read More »

WV DUI Drugs Cases Are on the Rise

DUI drugs (DUID) cases are on the rise in West Virginia, as more and more citizens make the decision to drive after taking either their prescription medications, or illegal drugs like marijuana and methamphetamine, or “meth.” While DUI alcohol is still the most common impaired driving offense across the state, prescribed drugs DUI has experienced a definite upward trend. Drug impaired driving will only get worse. WV DUI drugs lawyer Harley Wagner knows WV DUI drugs law very well. A ... Read More »

Refuse No More West Virginia!

Beginning at 12:01 a.m., June 10, 2016 a citizen arrested for DUI 1st offense in West Virginia, who “refuses” secondary chemical testing at the police station post arrest (i.e. refuses to blow into the breath machine) will no longer be rewarded with the option of entering into the West Virginia Deferral Program that can result in the citizen’s case being fully dismissed and the record of arrest fully expunged. In 2010, the West Virginia legislature enacted WV Code 17C-5-2b, commonly ... Read More »

An Open Letter to the West Virginia House of Delegates

Dear Delegates: My name is Harley Wagner. I come to each of you first and foremost as a birth citizen of West Virginia, a husband, a father of two young sons, a taxpayer and a lifelong resident of Berkeley County and the eastern panhandle. Secondarily, I come to each of you as a licensed attorney in West Virginia and 20 year practicing member in the West Virginia criminal justice system. I wanted to take a moment of your respective time ... Read More »

New 2015 West Virginia DUI Laws

In an on-going effort to keep our citizens apprised of any and all legislative changes with DUI laws in West Virginia, The Wagner Law Firm, West Virginia’s only exclusive DUI Defense Firm, owned and operated by West Virginia DUI Attorney, Harley Wagner, wants to take this Blog opportunity to update my fellow citizens on recent changes to West Virginia DUI laws that were voted into law by our 2015 West Virginia legislature, signed by Governor Tomblin and to which will ... Read More »

New DUI Bills presented by the 2015 West Virginia Legislature

In an on-going effort to keep the public informed on all topics related to DUI laws and topics in the State of West Virginia, The Wagner Law Firm, West Virginia’s only exclusive DUI Defense Firm, is writing this particular blog to advise the public of some significant DUI bills that have been presented to the 2015 West Virginia legislature that, if passed, will fundamentally alter current West Virginia DUI laws in very dramatic ways. First, House Bill 2665, (sponsored by ... Read More »

What can I expect from a first offense DUI charge in West Virginia?

When dealing with a first offense DUI charge in West Virginia, it’s important to know how the state handles each case. Not all first time DUI offenses are the same, which means not all punishments are the same either. West Virginia has a two-tier system on a DUI case, where the administrative court and the criminal court have separate dates, buildings, rules and procedures governing. The criminal court will be in a judicial building in the county of arrest. The administrative court will ... Read More »

New Interlock law coming to West Virginia

Here at DUINewsBlog.org, Harley Wagner, The Wagner Law Firm, West Virginia’s Premier DUI Defense Firm, constantly strives to bring readers the most current and up to date information on DUI related topics around his home state of West Virginia and throughout the nation generally. This latest blog centers around a new West Virginia Interlock law that was passed by the West Virginia legislature on March 8, 2014 and will become effective law throughout West Virginia, June 8, 2014. This new ... Read More »

New 2013 NHTSA Field Sobriety Testing Manual

Here at DUINewsBlog.org, The Wagner Law Firm, West Virginia’s Premier DUI Defense Firm, strives to continually bring you the latest and most current developments and discussions in DUI law around the country. This particular blog centers around the new field sobriety testing manual issued by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, “DWI Detection and Standardized Field Sobriety Testing” in March of 2013, replacing that of the old February 2006 issued manual. By way of backdrop, in 1975, so called “extensive ... Read More »