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Falsely Accused?  It Could Happen to You

It is rare for this author to write about celebrities or other persons who are arrested for DUI. Nonetheless, it is important for the public to know that not everyone arrested for DUI is, in fact, guilty. The story about a longtime minister, William Rose is detailed in a report from WZTV in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. In this case, Mr. Rose admits he was likely at fault for a minor accident. After recently applying hand sanitizer, the officer alleged that Mr. Rose smelled like alcohol. Due to health issues and anxiety, Mr. Rose did not meet the officer’s expectations during field sobriety testing. Mr. Rose requested a breath test, but like many other law enforcement agencies, the Murfreesboro Police Department only draws blood to test for potential intoxicants. Months later, the

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Ohio Court of Appeals: Continued Detention for Traffic Stop Was Unlawful

When an officer pulls-over a motorist for a traffic violation, the officer typically does not have a search warrant or arrest warrant.  However, a warrant is not necessary if the stop is based on one of the exceptions to the warrant requirement.  One exception is when an officer has probable cause to believe a driver committed a traffic violation.  But what if the officer’s belief regarding the traffic violation turns-out to be incorrect?  That situation was recently addressed in a case decided by an Ohio Court of Appeals.

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Washington State Law Proposed to Lower the Legal Limit to .05%

It appears that house bill HB 2196 was introduced (first reading) on January 9, 2024 and referred to the Committee on Community Safety, Justice & Reentry.  The Chair of this Committee is Representative Roger Goodman. Subsequently, a public hearing with the Committee on Community Safety, Justice & Reentry was held on January 25, 2024. The hearing was recorded and may be viewed online here. This topic was discussed starting at 1:12:42 and ending at 2:01:52. The beverage industry is opposed to this bill.  An Executive Session was scheduled for January 30, 2024 but no action was taken. The Committee can recommend that the bill be put back on the House floor and then the House decides whether to take a vote or not.  If it passes the House then it

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Video captures suspected DUI driver slamming into school playground in Downey

Source: KTLA5 by: Vivian Chow Video captures the terrifying moment a suspected DUI driver slams into a car and narrowly misses bystanders before crashing into a school playground in Downey. The crash happened on Jan. 25 at Gallatin Elementary School located near the intersection of Manzanar Avenue and Gallatin Road at around 5 p.m. Surveillance video captured by a neighbor across the street shows a large white SUV speeding down the road before suddenly veering onto the sidewalk. The driver slams into a parked sedan and narrowly misses two pedestrians near the sidewalk. The sedan was pushed through a fence surrounding the school and both vehicles crash-landed on the campus playground. The pedestrians were seen running for their lives. Gaby Enciso is a witness who lives across the street from the

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Ohio Supreme Court to Interpret Definition of ‘Motor Vehicle’

There is often a difference between real-world definitions and legal-world definitions.  In the legal world, when a word or phrase is important to the interpretation of the law, the legislature defines the word or phrase in a statute.  The statutory definition of a word or phrase is not always the same as the dictionary definition.  For the purposes of DUI (called ‘OVI’ in Ohio) and serious vehicular crimes, the Ohio Revised Code provides definitions of ‘vehicle’ and ‘motor vehicle’.  A case pending in the Ohio Supreme Court illustrates why statutory definitions are so important.

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