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Recent DUI Posts

Alcohol Now Banned in Tennessee Wildlife Management Areas

Due to alleged high Number of incidents of driving under the influence (DUI/DWI) and frequent crashes in the Tennessee Wildlife Management Areas, the Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency (TWRA) have issued a ban of alcohol in most of the areas managed by the TWRA. As reported by WJHL-TV, starting April 15, 2024, possessing and consuming alcohol in TWRA Wildlife Management Areas (WMA) will become illegal, with a few exceptions to the rule. The WJHL-TV report shared that, “alcohol will still be permitted at designated TWRA campgrounds and on public waters bordering or within a WMA. Drunken disorderly conduct will still be prohibited on WMAs, including in those designated areas. The TWRA said the rule applies to everyone, including drivers and passengers of off-highway vehicles riding in WMAs. Tennessee’s DUI laws also

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Appellate Court Decides Case of Aggravated Vehicular Homicide Based on Recklessness

In Ohio, the offense of Aggravated Vehicular Homicide can be committed in various ways.  One of those ways is causing the death of another by operating a vehicle recklessly.  A recent case decided by an Ohio appellate court addressed whether the evidence proved the defendant was reckless.  Three Ways to Commit Aggravated Vehicular HomicideTo prove a defendant committed the offense of Aggravated Vehicular Homicide in Ohio, the prosecution must prove the defendant operated a vehicle and caused the death of another person in one of the following three ways: The second way of committing the offense, recklessly, was at issue in the case of State v. Beard. Was the Dump Truck Driver Reckless?The defendant was a dump truck driver.  He was running late when he drove his truck to a

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Hidden cost of DUI

DUI Can Effect You Outside of the Legal System

This weekend, former Florida Gator and now Georgia Bulldog, Trevor Etienne, the younger brother of NFL superstar Travis Etienne, was arrested for DUI. Like the rest of us, Trevor is facing consequences outside of the legal arena for his actions. Multiple reports have surfaced that Etienne is facing a minimum of at least a 1 game suspension and might lose his job as the starting running back for the Bulldogs. Further, this arrest will definitely affect his draft status/position come time for the NFL draft. So what happens to those of us who are not college football stars when arrested for DUI. We are all familiar with the penalties imposed by the courts, but many are not familiar with the social, financial, and professional consequences a DUI arrest or conviction

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DUI Checkpoint

Florida Increases DUI Enforcement During Spring Break

Governor Ron DeSantis Announces Increased Police Activity Last Week, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced an increased law enforcement presence focused on the Miami Beach area (a popular spring break destination).  New enforcement efforts include curfews, officers patrolling on foot, by bicycle and using ATVs.  Additionally, Governor DeSantis announced increased DUI enforcement including DUI checkpoints. Governor DeSantis pointed out that, “Florida may be popular for spring break, but it is inhospitable to criminal activity.” Comments like Governor DeSantis’ have led people to joke that the tourism motto of Florida should be, “Welcome to Florida, come on vacation, leave on probation.”  Extra Law Enforcement is Response to Last Year’s Shooting! The extra law enforcement is likely in response to the shooting that occurred in Miami Beach last year during spring break.  It

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DUI on Private Property

Can the Police Make and Arrest for DUI on Private Property?

Can the Police make an arrest for DUI on Private Property?                The answer to this question will of course depend on the State in which you live.  However, in Florida, the answer is a resounding, YES!!  Florida’s DUI law found in Florida Statute §316.193 allows for law enforcement to make an arrest for DUI anytime a person is “driving or in actual physical control of a vehicle with this state.”  Elsewhere in Chapter 316, in the section entitled ‘Enforcement,” Florida law is clear that the traffic laws of this state are to be enforced by counties and municipalities on: … all the streets and highways thereof and elsewhere throughout the county or municipality wherever the public has the right to travel by motor vehicle. In addition, the police department

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