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DUI News Digest

After ordeal, Moriarty wants police-car cameras

For Assemblyman Paul Moriarty, putting video cameras in new police cars became personal two years ago when he was arrested for drunken driving and video from a camera mounted on a cruiser helped get the charges dropped and his name cleared. Since May, both chambers of the Legislature have overwhelmingly adopted his bill to require the cameras in newly acquired police vehicles. If Republican Gov. Chris Christie doesn’t veto the measure by Aug. 11, it becomes law. Read More »

Tough Va. DUI laws lead to drop in crashes, deaths

NORFOLK, Va. — Ten years ago, local lawmakers looked at a high-profile DUI case, listened to law enforcement and said, “Enough is enough.” A bipartisan group drafted more than 70 bills seeking to stiffen penalties and enact near-zero-tolerance for repeat offenders. Did It Work? DUI fatalities in Virginia have dropped by 21 percent since 2005, according to Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles statistics. Read More »

DUI arrests down as ride-sharing apps enter Philly market

What he found is that there’s a correlation between ride-sharing services coming on the market and a reduction in DUI arrests, particularly for the under-30 demographic that uses them the most: After all ride sharing services were in effect (April 2013 through the end of 2013), the average number of DUIs per month dropped across the board by 11%, with those under 30 being mostly responsible for the drop: Overall: 1121.9 (11.1% decrease) Under 30: 450.9 (18.5% decrease) Over 30: ... Read More »

State’s DUI laws can make convictions difficult

Charleston, SC – South Carolina has one of the worst records for DUI deaths, but it’s not always easy to convict drunk drivers in court. The issue resurfaced recently when Charleston Police Chief Greg Mullen said the difficulty of getting a DUI conviction in South Carolina was one of the reasons an officer charged an apparently intoxicated woman sitting behind the wheel of car outside a downtown hotel with disorderly conduct instead of drunk driving. Read More »