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DUI News Digest

True Cost of a DUI in Washington After Insurance Increases

According to Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), Washington state ranks 25th in the nation for the highest number of drunk driving fatalities. If you get caught driving under the influence, you are putting yourself and others in danger, and the ticket itself is not the only price you will pay. In addition to the fine, drivers who receive a DUI might have to deal with attorney’s fees, alcohol education fees and lost wages, among other costs. One of the longest-lasting financial impacts from a DUI comes ... Read More »

County officials to repeat DUI offenders: SCRAM

Law-enforcement officials say there’s no silver bullet. But there are legislative and technological ways to combat habitual drunk drivers. One of the most promising involves the use of an electronic device about the size of a cellphone that’s already in limited use here, but is deployed far more widely in York County — where officials say it’s reduced the number of alcohol-related crashes by up to 20 percent. It’s called a SCRAM bracelet, short for “Secure Continuous Alcohol Monitoring.” The tamper-proof unit ... Read More »

Breath tests banned from courtrooms in DUI cases

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. – A panel of Orange County judges could decide as early as Thursday whether a previous ruling that resulted in breath tests being kept out of court will be overturned. Defense attorneys have been able to convince judges the results of the Intoxilyzer 8000 can’t be trusted in court without the company first turning over its secret source code to the defense. The company, CMI, won’t fully disclose what it calls its trade secrets, so the tests ... Read More »

Arizona’s ‘super extreme DUI’ and how we measure impaired driving in the U.S.

The law of the land is that driving with a blood-alcohol level of at least 0.08 percent is a crime, though exactly how the crime is punished varies from state to state. (The Governors Highway Safety Association has a handy list here, outlining how the punishments vary in terms of length and what happens to the drivers.) Arizona added the “super extreme DUI” charge in 2007 to cover anyone with a blood-alcohol level of at least .20 percent, which can carry with it a sentence ... Read More »