Tuesday , August 4 2020
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Nick Fairley rejects plea deal in 2012 DUI case

Fairley is set to face trial on DUI charges in February after rejecting a plea deal on Tuesday. He was arrested in May 2012 in Alabama and rejected an offer that would have seen him sentenced to a six-month suspended sentence, a year of probation and a $600 fine, according to AL.com. Fairley’s attorney told the court that his client was hoping to enter a diversion program that would ultimately lead to the charges being dismissed upon its completion.   Read More »

Colorado DUI case sent to U.S. Supreme Court, focuses on blood tests

Arapahoe County prosecutors have asked the U.S. Supreme Court to overturn a decision by a state judge and the Colorado Supreme Court, which found that because the officer did not try to obtain a warrant before she ordered a blood draw on Schaufele, the results may not be presented as evidence. Thirteen other states filed a petition asking the U.S. Supreme Court to pick up the case. If the high court takes up the case, their decision will have national ... Read More »

Report: Man accused of deadly DUI actually had rare health condition

ANDERSON COUNTY, S.C —The felony DUI charges against a man involved in a deadly wreck have been dropped after tests revealed that he was not drunk, but sick with a rare health condition, according to the solicitor. A release from 10th Circuit Solicitor Crissy Adams said a report from the Toxicology Division of the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division said that there were no drugs or alcohol in 52-year-old Drew Woodall Greene’s blood when he was involved in a wreck ... Read More »

New Jersey Looks to Stiffen DUI Penalties

New Jersey drivers who drink before taking the wheel could get an unwanted gift from the state this holiday season. The state Senate is poised to vote in December on a bill that would toughen New Jersey’s DUI law. Under the legislation — approved June 26 in the Assembly by a 46-15 vote — first-time offenders could be ordered to install locks on their ignition systems that require a Breathalyzer-type test before their vehicle will start. Such interlocking devices are ... Read More »

Murfreesboro police defend actions at DUI checkpoint

MURFREESBORO, TN (WSMV) – The Murfreesboro Police Department said it is standing behind its officers after a video from a holiday weekend sobriety checkpoint was viewed online more than 15,000 times. The video shows three men approaching the checkpoint. After an initial exchange with an officer, the video shows a sergeant telling the driver he smells alcohol coming from the car. Police gave the driver a field sobriety checkpoint, which did not indicate any signs of impairment. The men in ... Read More »

About 70 DUI cases could be thrown out

Dozens of drunk driving cases in Jefferson County could be in jeopardy after a breathalyzer operator at the Louisville Metro Department of Corrections was captured on videotape saying a defendant didn’t smell of alcohol, then wrote in a report that he did. Charges in two DUI cases already have been amended because of the discrepancy, and defense lawyers say they intend to use it to impeach Officer Brett Rehm in all of his roughly 70 pending cases. Read More »