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HGN Robustness Study; DWI related

HGN: Robustness Study; DWI related Facts revealed by Dr. Lance Platt who did a PhD on HGN, former cop & State of Texas trainer of cops with NHTSA inside sources on a HGN Robustness Study: 1. The NHTSA HGN Robustness study is comprised of only 9 subjects tested. 2. It involves NO baseline. You can’t do a study without a negative control baseline. 3. It took 5 years to publish the “results” because it kept being sent back due to ... Read More »

DWI/DUI Marijuana

  DWI/DUI Marijuana DWI Marijuana is a growing issue. This news article demonstrates the fervor of law enforcement to get a DWI/DUI even when there is no evidence. A person may show from a toxicology screen that they may have THC in their system with no evidence of impairment at the time of driving (some of these tests may show positive if the person smoked in the last 6 weeks).  Scary stuff. Mimi Coffey – DWI Defense Lawyer in ... Read More »