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New DUI Bills presented by the 2015 West Virginia Legislature

In an on-going effort to keep the public informed on all topics related to DUI laws and topics in the State of West Virginia, The Wagner Law Firm, West Virginia’s only exclusive DUI Defense Firm, is writing this particular blog to advise the public of some significant DUI bills that have been presented to the 2015 West Virginia legislature that, if passed, will fundamentally alter current West Virginia DUI laws in very dramatic ways.

First, House Bill 2665, (sponsored by West Virginia Delegates Folk, Skinner, Espinosa, Householder, Faircloth, Overington, Upson, Blair, Perdue, Sobonya and Waxman) proposes to amend WV Code 17C-5-2b, a.k.a. The Deferral Program statute.

To refresh our readers, during the 2010 term of the West Virginia legislature, a new DUI Bill was passed into law creating WV Code 17C-5-2b, The Deferral Program. The essence of this law was to afford a citizen accused of DUI 1st offense in the state of West Virginia, who has never previously been convicted of DUI in his or her lifetime, or had his or her license suspended for a DUI related reason, and who submits to chemical testing post arrest and has a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) result of < .15 can enter a conditional guilty plea…read more

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