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Drunk-Driving Simulation Suit

Beer goggles and drunk leg and arm weights – this “drunk-suit” simulates what it feels like to be drunk while you are sober.

Ford has teamed up with scientific engineers to create this drunk-suit to teach teens what it feels like to drive drunk. Over one million teens have already been trained with this suit and the training is completely free.

At least 28 people a day die from alcohol related car accidents. Ford hopes to make a difference and lower that number by showing people, especially teens, how impaired you actually are when you drive under the influence of alcohol.

Recently, there was a drunk-driving accident in New Orleans, LA, where 28 people were injured after being run down by the impaired driver.

NBC news recently tested out the suit. One of NBC’s broadcasters performed field sobriety tests and drove on a special course while wearing the suit to see just how dangerous it is to drive under the influence of alcohol. Watch the video here.

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