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DUI/OVI Cases in Ohio Mayor’s Courts

In Ohio, most misdemeanor DUI cases (called ‘OVI’ in Ohio) are heard in Municipal Courts.  However, some misdemeanor OVI cases are heard in mayor’s courts.  Mayor’s courts are operated in cities and villages which do not have municipal courts.  Although there are nearly 300 mayor’s courts in Ohio, these courts seem to be the least understood.  This article provides an understanding of OVI cases in Ohio mayor’s courts. Read More »

Ohio DUI/OVI Checkpoint Results

The results are in from two recent DUI checkpoints (called ‘OVI’ in Ohio).  Last weekend, DUI/OVI checkpoints were held in two Ohio Counties.  In Franklin County, 994 vehicles passed through the checkpoint, and one person was arrested for OVI.  In Wood County, 1,072 vehicles went through the checkpoint, and two people were arrested for OVI.  When hearing the results of the DUI/OVI checkpoints, one may wonder how checkpoints are operated, whether checkpoints are legal, and whether checkpoints are effective. Read More »

Can Police Obtain Medical Records of a DUI/OVI Suspect in Ohio?

We expect privacy in our medical records.  Those records contain sensitive personal information about our health.  For this reason, health care providers generally cannot share our medical records with others.  But what if a police officer wants a person’s medical records?  Suppose, for example, a person involved in a motor vehicle accident is treated at a hospital, and the hospital records contain evidence showing the patient was the driver and had a certain blood alcohol concentration?  Can a police officer ... Read More »

Everything You Need to Know About a First-Offense DUI/OVI in Ohio

A recent article in Forbes Advisor purports to tell readers ‘everything you need to know’ about a first-offense DUI.  The article discusses definitions, consequences, and options in general terms.  It does not tell readers precise definitions, consequences, and options in a particular state.  The problem is DUI laws are state-specific:  every state has its own DUI laws.  If you really want to know about a first-offense DUI in Ohio (where it’s called ‘OVI’), read on. Read More »

New Ohio Law Will Permit Officers to Stop Drivers Holding Cell Phones

Under current Ohio law, a driver may be charged with Driving While Texting if the driver is stopped for another offense and the officer discovers the driver was texting while driving.  However, a police officer is not permitted to initiate a traffic stop based on the officer’s suspicion that a driver was doing so.  As of April 3, 2023, officers will be authorized to stop a vehicle if the driver is using, holding, or physically supporting an electronic wireless communications ... Read More »