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Man with DUI history pleads guilty to wrong-way I-95 crash. Victim’s car plunged off flyover.

Source: Miami Herald An intoxicated man who was driving his car the wrong way on I-95 and knocked another car off the Golden Glades flyover pleaded guilty Wednesday to DUI manslaughter and related charges. The crash killed one man and severely injured another. Irwin Rockwell, 38, of Ochopee in Collier County, reached a plea deal with Miami-Dade prosecutors that will send him to state prison for 17 years followed by 10 years of probation. Before dawn on Aug. 24, 2021, ... Read More »

What is “DUI Manslaughter” in Oklahoma?

If you are charged in Oklahoma for having committed a crime that resulted in the death of someone, under the legal definition of homicide you can find yourself being prosecuted along two basic paths: intentional homicide (that is, murder), or negligent homicide, which is also known as manslaughter. If the death of the other person was in connection with your driving of a vehicle while you were allegedly intoxicated, this situation will almost invariably take you down the manslaughter path ... Read More »