Sunday , May 28 2023
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More 2023 Tennessee DUI Legislation

As we all know, or should know, our laws are born with legislation sponsored by our Tennessee State Senators and Representatives. Accordingly, it is an incumbent upon all of us to keep track of what laws are being introduced, or need to be introduced, so that we can provide feedback to our legislators. In this article, I want to provide you with information relating to two Senate bills relating to Driving Under the Influence (DUI) laws that are pending before ... Read More »

TSA Abuse- Needed Attention

Another TSA Video To Make Your Blood Boil This video demonstrates the abuse of power that we as an advanced society must study and address. In 1971, Philip Zimbardo picked 24 Stanford University students & had them role-play a simulated prisoner/guard experiment over six days. Those results simulate what this TSA video shows the propensity for- psychological abuse.   For example, it is inexcusable that all the way up the chain of command in this video the TSA employees were ... Read More »