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How accurate are breathalyzers-

There are a number of different breath testing machines manufactured by a number of different companies.  In Hawaii the Intoxilyzer 5000 and 8000 are used, both manufactured by CMI.  These are the machines used at the police station.  Both rely on infrared spectrometry.  While the science of infrared spectrometry is not new, for identifying basic items, the science is far more questionable when it comes to differing between closely related substances and measuring the substances.  There are a number of ... Read More »

May I, or someone else, film the officers and/or myself during my interaction with the police officers and SFSTs?

There is no law prohibiting you, or anyone else, from filing your interaction with the police.  Typically however the police will not like that you are doing this.  They may ask or even order you to stop.  They can’t do that.  Remember however that you cannot interfere with the investigation or interfere with officer safety.  What this means, generally, is that your friend can’t take his camera and shove his way, or perhaps even get very close, to the officers ... Read More »

Can I refuse the breathalyzer and field sobriety tests?

In Hawaii, the officers will try to establish that you are impaired using so-called sobriety tests.  These involve the officer looking at your eyes while you follow an object, having you walk heel to toe and balance on one leg.  They will either try to cajole you into performing them or coerce you into performing them.  Do not let the officer do any of the tests on you.  If the officer does his job properly, he will ask you some ... Read More »