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Paul Burglin
Paul Burglin practices DUI defense in the San Francisco Bay Area including the Napa/Sonoma wine country. He has been in practice for more than 30 years and was formerly a partner at one of the oldest Marin County law firms (Mitchell, Hedin, Breiner, Ehlenbach & Burglin). After graduating from U.C. Berkeley in 1980, Mr. Burglin received his law degree from Gonzaga University School of Law in Washington. He is Board Certified in DUI Defense and co-authors the two-volume treatise, "California Drunk Driving Law." He is on the Board of Regents with the National College of DUI Defense ( and is Editor-in-Chief of its case law update and newsletter. He is one of only a select few of DUI defense attorneys in the United States to have attended the University of Indiana’s Borkenstein Course on chemical testing and scientific protocols offered to prosecution experts, and he is a certified graduate of that program.

Firm: San Francisco DUI Lawyer

Areas of Practice: California DUI Law

Address: San Rafael Location 999 Fifth Avenue, Suite 350 San Rafael, CA 94901 Hours: Monday-Friday (Weekends by App’t) Hours: 9 am-5pm (Evenings by App’t)

Phone: (415) 729-7300

Fax: (415) 457-2539

Undergraduate: Univ of California Berkeley

Law School: Gonzaga Univ School of Law

Professional Affiliations: United States Supreme Court California Supreme Court United States District Courts (Northern & Eastern Districts) Marin County Bar Association

Professional Accomplishments: Board Certified in DUI Defense (as recognized by the American Bar Association).

Professional Experience: Following is a partial list of my credentials. Don’t forget to read the testimonials page. There is no substitute for this kind of experience and expertise in the field of DUI defense – I continue to educate myself and I am at the top of my profession to help people like you keep your license! I have been a San Francisco Bay Area DUI lawyer for over 30 years. This includes DUI defense in Marin, Napa, Oakland, Sonoma, San Rafael, Santa Rosa, Lake Tahoe, and Walnut Creek. Judges, prosecutors and DMV hearing officers often call me when one of their own family members or friends gets arrested for drunk driving. These are people in the know, and I am the DUI attorney they regularly turn to because they know I am a skilled fighter in the courtroom. Call me at 415-729-7300 and you can have the same DUI legal defense that they do! I am the co-author of “California Drunk Driving Law”, a two-volume treatise commonly referred to as “the Bible of DUI Defense.” This is the book the other attorneys use for their research when defending their clients & I will use this knowledge when I defend you. I am one of just 7 California DUI attorneys who are Board Certified in DUI Defense from the National College of DUI Defense, Inc. This certification, recognized by the American Bar Association, confirms the rare level of knowledge and experience that I have in defending law-abiding citizens caught in the DUI trap. I will use this knowledge to defend you in your drunk driving defense! I am frequently sought after for expert opinion on California DUI Laws and penalties. I am discreet and professional.

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Did The Defendant Drive Under The Influence?

To convict a person of driving under the influence in California, the prosecutor must prove that the defendant was too impaired to drive with the caution and care of a sober person under similar circumstances. Yet that is not enough for a conviction.  The State must also prove that the defendant actually drove.  Sitting in a car with the engine running is not a violation of California Vehicle Code section 23152 (driving under the influence, or driving with an alcohol ... Read More »

Video and Audio Recordings Are Golden Nuggets For California DUI Defense Counsel

California DUI Attorney

     Police agencies throughout the Bay Area are increasingly using Mobile Video/Audio Recording Systems (MVARS) to record DUI investigations that include driving patterns, instruction and performance phases of field sobriety testing, and conversation between officers and motorists.  The California Highway Patrol (CHP) has installed these devices in almost all of their patrol cars roving Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, Napa, San Francisco, San Mateo, and Sonoma counties. Police and their union representatives initially resisted the use of these devices.  They ... Read More »

Tipsters and the Public Safety Exception

It is becoming increasingly more common for patrol officers to stop citizens based solely upon a telephone call to the police about a particular vehicle being driven in an erratic manner.  We refer to these as BOLO stops—an acronym for “Be On Look Out.”  The problem from a constitutional standpoint is that warrantless seizures are often made without any police observation of vehicle code violations.  The following is a summary of federal and California law on this subject, along with some tips for those ... Read More »