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John Hunsucker
Located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, John is the lead attorney with the Hunsucker Legal Group. The Hunsucker Legal Group is a multi-attorney firm defending over 300 DUI cases a year. John is a Director on the Board of the Oklahoma Criminal Defense Lawyer’s Association and a Sustaining Member of the National College of DUI Defense. Serving as Oklahoma’s NCDD State Delegate, John is also a Faculty Member of the National College for DUI Defense. John is one of only a few attorneys in the country that actually owns the Intoxilyzer 8000 and has instructed attorneys in the United States and Canada on the use and problems of the machine as well as other DUI defense subjects. John has co-authored 20 books on the subject of DUI Defense including Oklahoma DUI Defense, The Law and Practice (Lawyers and Judges Publishing). John has been featured as a legal expert nationally on CourtTV’s Open Court with Lisa Bloom and CourtTV’s In Session with Ashleigh Banfield. Locally, he has appeared on every major news station in the Oklahoma City market and has been quoted in the Daily Oklahoman for his extensive knowledge of DUI law. In 2012, 2013 and 2014, John was selected as the Daily Oklahoman Reader’s Choice Best DUI Attorney. John may be reached through his website, or by telephone at 405-231-5600.

Sometimes the Treatment for an Oklahoma DUI Conviction Can Seem Like Punishment Itself- Oklahoma DUI Defense

Conviction based on a violation of Oklahoma’s DUI laws carries with it a number of penalties, which vary in severity based on factors such as whether the conviction is for a first-time or subsequent offense or the degree of intoxication. Penalties can include sanctions like fines, community service, jail time, or the requirement to have an ignition interlock device installed in his or her vehicle. The home page of our Oklahoma DUI Defense website contains the text of the law ... Read More »

Oklahoma Mandatory Jail Sentences and Costs

Incarceration in Oklahoma can leave released prisoners with an ongoing “debt to society” The combination of Oklahoma laws requiring mandatory minimum prison sentences and a state policy of making prisoners pay for the costs of their incarceration has led to a situation in Oklahoma that constitutes what some might call a “worst-of-both-worlds” result: overcrowded prisons, coupled with newly-released prisoners finding themselves confronted with substantial government-imposed debts that they find difficult if not impossible to pay. Oklahoma currently has more than ... Read More »

Oklahoma DUI/APC Primer

If you are charged in Oklahoma with Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol or Drugs (DUI, DUI-D) or charged with Actual Physical Control of a Motor Vehicle Under the Influence of Alcohol or Drugs (APC), there are several basic things to know. If arrested for an Oklahoma DUI or an Oklahoma APC, you can be charged with a Municipal DUI or a District Court State charge of DUI.  The choice is generally the officer if he/she is a municipal officer.  If your DUI arrest is actuated ... Read More »

Oklahoma Amends Oklahoma DUI Forfeiture Law

The Oklahoma Legislature amended the forfeiture laws as they relate to Oklahoma DUI or Oklahoma  APC charges.  Previously, the forfeiture of a motor vehicle used when the driver was driving under the influence required a conviction on the charge and  that there be a previous conviction within the preceding ten years for DUI.  Moreover, to forfeit the vehicle, either the previous conviction or the new conviction must have involved serious bodily injury to another or death. Title 47  O.S. Section 11-902b was ... Read More »

My license is reinstated but I still have to have interlock?

In late 2011, Oklahoma passed the Erin Swezey Act which mandates additional ignition interlock installation on Oklahoma drivers reinstating their driver’s license after a DUI (driving under the influence)or APC (actual physical control).  On a first time revocation for these charges, the license revocation or suspension period is 180 days.  This time frame can be modified to allow driving with the installation of an ignition interlock in the vehicle.  Upon the expiration of the 180 days, the licensee may reinstate.  ... Read More »