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New Book Helps Drivers Charged With DUI in Ohio

Most people don’t research DUI because they don’t think it will happen to them.  Until it does.  When a person is charged with DUI, they suddenly find themselves in need of accurate information.  They need to know what consequences they are facing, the potential defenses, and whether they can avoid a DUI conviction.  They also need to know what to expect when they go to court and how to find a good DUI lawyer.  A new book, the Ohio DUI/OVI Guide, provides that accurate information for drivers charged with DUI in Ohio.

The book was authored by an Ohio DUI lawyer and is written specifically for individuals charged with DUI in Ohio (where the offense is called ‘OVI’).  It begins by explaining what the prosecution must prove for an OVI conviction.  The author goes on to explain the evidence used by the prosecution in OVI cases, including field sobriety tests and breath/blood/urine tests.  In addition to describing the prosecution’s evidence, the book also shares the most common defenses to OVI.

The book illustrates the mandatory minimum penalties and the maximum possible penalties a person faces if convicted of OVI.  Every person charged with OVI should have that information.  The book also addresses the issue of hiring a DUI lawyer.  It contains a framework for deciding whether to hire a lawyer and recommends resources for researching lawyers.  Finally, the book provides questions to ask lawyers before making the hiring decision.

The Ohio DUI/OVI Guide is for sale on Amazon.  The paperback costs $9.95, and the Kindle version sells for $5.99.  For individuals charged with OVI, this guide provides useful information to help readers make educated choices.

About the Author:  Shawn Dominy is a leading DUI lawyer in Ohio and the founder of the Dominy Law Firm in Columbus, Ohio.  He can be reached through his law firm’s website:  Dominy Law Firm.

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Shawn Dominy

Shawn Dominy

Shawn Dominy is a DUI/OVI lawyer in Columbus, Ohio. He is the former President of the Ohio Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, the state delegate to the National College for DUI Defense and a long-time member of the National Association for Criminal Defense Lawyers. Shawn Dominy authored the books 'Ohio DUI/OVI Guide', 'Ohio Vehicular Homicide Guide', and 'Ohio Vehicular Assault Guide' (Rivers Edge Publishing) and wrote a chapter in the book 'Defending Vehicular Homicide Cases' (Aspatore Publishing, 2012). He has several other published articles, and he speaks regularly at seminars teaching other lawyers about DUI/OVI. Shawn was named by SuperLawyers® as one of the top 50 lawyers in Columbus, Ohio, and he is listed as one of the 'Best Lawyers in America'® for DUI Defense. Shawn is a lifelong resident of central Ohio: he graduated from Olentangy High School and earned his bachelor’s degree and juris doctor from The Ohio State University. His office is in Columbus, and he lives in Powell with his wife and daughter. He serves with local community organizations, volunteers regularly at his church, and plays regularly with his German Shepherd. For more information, Shawn’s website is, his blog is,

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