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“Drive high, get a DUI”: Missouri launches first 420 drugged-driving enforcement campaign

SPRINGFIELD, Mo — The number of people driving under the influence of drugs has increased over the years, so much that law enforcement is directing its attention to the specific threat this weekend.

Saturday is April 20th or 4/20. MoDOT says it is a day known for cannabis enthusiasts to smoke marijuana. But law enforcement is trying to make sure that drivers who have been doing drugs, don’t drive.

Sgt. Jason Pace with the Missouri State Highway Patrol says it is something troopers see on the roads everyday.

“They may be smoking marijuana, or on certain types of prescription drugs and drinking at the same time, so that is a combined affect.” said Pace.

He says that alcohol and marijuana have a similar affect on drivers.

“The delayed reaction time, the intermittent speeds, swerving, things of that nature. So they are very characteristic.” Pace explained.

The Missouri Department of Transportation says that last year 78 people were killed and 142 more were seriously hurt in crashes that had at least one drug-impaired driver.

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