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Man accused of DUI with 3 children in passenger seat crashes into patrol car, flees scene

A Gainesville man accused of Driving Under the Influence with 3 children in the passenger seat was arrested Sunday after he hit an Alachua County Sheriff’s patrol car and fled the scene, an arrest report says.

ACSO deputies charged 50-year-old Tony Johnson with 3 counts of DUI, leaving the scene of a crash resulting in damage, driving without a registered license plate or vehicle and driving without a valid driver’s license.

Johnson was approaching a red light at the intersection of SW 75th Street and SW 8th Avenue when he crashed into the back a stopped patrol car, the report says.

Johnson then reversed and made a U-turn, the report says. He started driving away when the deputy turned on his siren and followed him, the report says.

Johnson pulled his truck into the Sparrow Condominiums parking lot where the deputy involved, joined by another responding deputy, was able to confront him, the report says.

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