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Houston County Deputy arrested for DUI in Macon


MACON, Ga. (WGXA) — A Houston County Deputy finds herself on the wrong side of the law following her off-duty DUI arrest in Macon.

31-year-old Emily Beck was stopped shortly before 1:00 Thursday morning when a Georgia State Trooper says that she was seen failing to stop at a flashing red light on Poplar Street, continuing onto Washington Avenue and, then, pausing at a solid red light before running it.

The trooper reports that a strong odor of alcohol was coming from the car as they approached and Beck had bloodshot and watery eyes. Noticing this, the trooper says they asked how much alcohol she had had, to which she replied “a couple beers.” It is reported that she stated that she’d had two Miller Lites.

Beck was asked to step out of the vehicle and she stated that it had been “a couple hours” since her last alcoholic beverage, according to the trooper’s report. The trooper says that they asked Beck if she would be willing to take tests to evaluate if she were safe to drive and she agreed.

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