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Charged with a DUI in Mississippi? Tips on Finding the Best DUI Defense Lawyer

A new article from the popular Huffington Post provides some helpful guidance to this question.  In, “How to Find the Best DUI Lawyer by Yourself,” writer Victoria Yore advises, among other things:

“Hiring a DUI attorney with experience affords you multiple benefits such as a behind-the-scenes knowledge of the court system, expert counseling on what to/to not say, knowledge of plea bargain details, and the ability to navigate difficult situations. If you decide to represent yourself, you may be confused by the complex legal information and could actually harm rather than help yourself. Similarly, if you choose a public defender, you are in the hands of someone who may have no real interest in how you fare.”

At our DUI and Criminal Defense Law Office, we have never seen or heard of anyone prevailing against a Mississippi DUI charge by representing him/herself.  As Yore states, the justice system – consisting, in general, of the law enforcement agency, the prosecutor’s office, the court clerk’s office, and the judge who will preside over the case – is very complex and a skilled, qualified, and experienced DUI defense attorney provides a person charged with a DUI the best opportunity for successful results in the case.

For more information on finding the best Mississippi DUI Lawyer for yourself, please consult the free legal guide, “12 Tips for Hiring an Attorney to Handle your DUI Case,” watch these videos, and survey the profiles and reviews of Avvo’s rated DUI Defense Attorneys in Mississippi.

Credits:  Huffington Post, Victoria Yore, August 3, 2016.

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  1. I like that this mentioned that a DUI lawyer can help you understand the legal jargon and increase your chances of winning. My uncle will be getting out of prison soon, so I think he’ll be needing a DUI attorney. Do you have any tips for choosing one?

    • Ms. Birchridge, I suggest you try to find a lawyer who is Board certified as a DUI Defense Specialist, one who is a member of the National College for DUI Defense, or one who regularly lectures on the topic to other lawyers. The author of this article no longer contributes to this blog, but I will send him a copy of your inquiry. Thank you for your comment, Steve Oberman

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