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SCRAM part 2: It’s All Your Fault!

SCRAM part 2:  It’s All Your Fault!

SCRAM stands for “Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitor.”  SCRAM measures alcohol that is eliminated through your skin.  It usually looks like two, small, black boxes that strap to your ankle.

As discussed before, an increasing number of judges in Virginia rely on SCRAM to monitor clients before and, sometimes, after trial.  SCRAM is comprised of a fuel cell (like in a preliminary breath test and ignition interlock) and a computer.  The problem is that SCRAM suffers from the same problems as fuel cells and computers.

Ever have a problem with your laptop or smart phone?  Obviously the answer is “yes.”  But here’s the more important question:  have you ever feared going to jail because your computer screws up?  Well, jail time is possible if the computer or fuel cell messes up in your SCRAM!

In defending clients, I’ve noticed that the “SCRAM believers” will never admit that their device makes mistakes.  Whenever anything happens, the SCRAM rep will usually say:  (1) you must have consumed alcohol, or (2) you tampered with the device.  What a great gig!  Imagine if your cell phone company had the hutzpah to just blame everything on you:

Me:  My cell phone just freezes when I try to go online.

Company:  We told you not to tamper with the phone!

Me:  I didn’t tamper with the phone – it’s not working.

Company:  Our phones are scientifically proven to work.  The only way they don’t work is when you try to tamper with them.  It’s science!

Oddly enough, some judges in Virginia buy it.

Our passion at Tillotson & Martin, L.L.C., is defending citizens against unfair traffic & DUI laws.  We write the book for DWI defense for Virginia attorneys and provide seminars for attorneys on how to beat the breath test machine (and SCRAM).  We train extensively to develop and improve cutting edge defenses.  Our attorneys are active National College for DUI Defense members, are certified in NHTSA Field Sobriety Testing, and are trained to interpret breath and blood test data.

Don’t let a DWI ruin your life.  We strive to be the best trained and most prepared Virginia DUI attorneys so that we can aggressively fight for your rights.  Call us for a free consultation at (757) 969-5197.

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