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New DUI Law Allows Offenders to Keep License While Making Roads Safer

West Virginia (WDTV.com) –

On Friday, a new law goes into effect for DUI offenders. State officials claim it will help offenders stay behind the wheel while making the roads safer for everyone else. The legislation allows individuals to waive their right to a Department of Motor Vehicles hearing and take part in the Ignition Interlock Program immediately.

An ignition interlock is a piece of equipment that gets hooked up to your car. People have to blow into it before they can start their car and if their BAC isn’t below a certain level the engine won’t turn over. The program is supposed to speed up an offender’s rehab process while protecting other drivers at the same time.

According to the Center for Disease Control, the program is proven to save lives and helps reduce repeat drunk driving offenses by 67%.

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