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Florida Increases DUI Enforcement During Spring Break

Governor Ron DeSantis Announces Increased Police Activity

Last Week, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced an increased law enforcement presence focused on the Miami Beach area (a popular spring break destination).  New enforcement efforts include curfews, officers patrolling on foot, by bicycle and using ATVs.  Additionally, Governor DeSantis announced increased DUI enforcement including DUI checkpoints.

Governor DeSantis pointed out that, “Florida may be popular for spring break, but it is inhospitable to criminal activity.” Comments like Governor DeSantis’ have led people to joke that the tourism motto of Florida should be, “Welcome to Florida, come on vacation, leave on probation.” 

Extra Law Enforcement is Response to Last Year’s Shooting!

The extra law enforcement is likely in response to the shooting that occurred in Miami Beach last year during spring break.  It is important for the State to ensure the safety of all of those who come to visit Florida.  Tourism is a MAJOR part of the Florida economy and people are not going to come here if they are not safe. 

Extra DUI Enforcement Makes it More Likely to Get Arrested

In response to the extra DUI enforcement, it is important to hire an attorney who focuses their practice on DUI defense.  Attorneys who practice all areas of criminal law handle DUI cases as well, but those who focus primarily on DUI tend to know defenses that general criminal law practitioners do not.  For instance, there are requirements that the State must meet when a DUI checkpoint is used that are not part of a typical DUI case.  If the State does not follow the DUI checkpoint requirements, the entire DUI case could be dismissed.

DUI Checkpoint Stops have Special Requirements

To prove a DUI checkpoint stop is lawful, the State must have the written checkpoint plan used for the checkpoint at which the driver was stopped.  The plan must meet constitutional requirements, and the plan must be followed.  For both the administrative hearing and the criminal court case, if the checkpoint plan is not entered into evidence the State cannot win.

David Katz has been licensed as an attorney in Florida since 2007 and was certified as a Specialist in DUI Defense in 2012.  You may contact David Katz through his website at www.orlandocriminalteam.com or by calling 321-332-6864.

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