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Why do I have to pay Virginia a “License Reinstatement Fee”?

Why do I have to pay a !@#$%^&* Virginia “License Reinstatement Fee” when I don’t even have a Virginia License?

We’ve had a ton of these questions lately. Usually at least a couple of the caller’s favorite expletives are inserted as they rehearse all the costs they have already paid for a Virginia DWI: court fines & fees, ASAP & treatment fees, FR-44 insurance fees, and possibly even reimbursement of arrest costs to the city or county that arrested them for drunk driving!

To add insult to injury even out-of-state drivers will have to pay a “License Reinstatement Fee.” As the Virginia DMV website explains:

“When a person’s privilege to drive is suspended, revoked, or disqualified, Virginia law (§§ 46.2-411, 18.2-271.1E, 46.2-333.1) requires the payment of a reinstatement fee prior to the reinstatement of driving privileges. This law applies to Virginia residents and non-residents, whether or not the person is actually licensed.”

Available at:

Notice that you will need to pay to reinstate a license you never had or to reinstate a Virginia license you never had. Of course logically you cannot “re” anything you never had . . . but . . . apparently the logic is “good enough for government.”

How much does it cost to reinstate when you have an out-of-state? The maximum that they can charge for any reinstatement fee is $220 so the amount they assign to a DWI is . . . $220!

To learn more about the fees involved in a DWI go here.

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