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IID stands for ignition interlock device and is defined as a handheld breath-alcohol monitoring device that is electronically connected to your vehicle’s ignition. Before starting your vehicle, the IID requires you to take and pass a breath test. If the device detects alcohol, the vehicle will not start. It also requires you to take re-tests while you are operating the vehicle.

In Pennsylvania, IID’s are currently required for those who plead guilty or are convicted of a second or subsequent DUI offense. A device needs to be installed on each motor vehicle that you own, operate, or lease for one year before you are eligible to apply for an unrestricted driver’s license.

Thirty days prior to getting your license back after a suspension, PennDOT will send a “restoration requirements letter” which will include an application for an ignition interlock license and a list of IID providers. If you are eligible for an occupational limited license during your suspension, an IID may be required as well.

Drive a company vehicle? You may be eligible for an exemption on your company vehicle. Facing economic hardship? You may only have to install the IID on one of your vehicles. Know that there are serious penalties for driving without, tampering with and failing to maintain your IID.

The PA Senate has just passed an amendment to the DUI law requiring first-time offenders with a 0.10 blood alcohol content or above to install an IID. It is awating a House vote, but is expected to pass.

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