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As summer officially begins, many young adults will find themselves home for the summer or preparing to leave for college for the first time. Of course, college is a place where freedom abounds and, often, this new-found freedom results in an urge to party. This naturally leads some kids to be tempted to purchase alcohol, in order to liven up their nightlife. While for the older collegiate this may be perfectly acceptable, trouble arises when underage students use all too prevalent and easily computer-generated fake IDs. It’s often a precursor to OUI, DUI or DWI charges in Maine.

Fake ID Penalties

Although most that do so are vaguely aware of some level of risk associated with the presentation of false identification, few realize the serious civil violations that could be facing them should they be discovered. Maine Title 28-A § 2051 stipulates that possessing a fake ID can, as a minor, net you a $200 to $400 fine for a first offense, $300 to $600 for a second, and a guaranteed $600 for the third. In fact, providing any false written or oral evidence (even without having a fake ID) in an attempt to either purchase alcohol as a minor or enter an establishment where minors are forbidden (e.g. a club) can cause you to face the same fines as if you did have a fake I.D., plus (at the judge’s discretion) possible community service.

Protect Yourself if You’re Underage

College-going pupils should be more than intelligent enough to figure this one out: trying to pass yourself off as being over 21 is a plain bad idea. It should also be plainly obvious that if you are charged with any of the above, it’s in your best interest to have superb legal representation as soon as possible. Above all, remember to play it smart and play it safe, lest you find yourself in the uncomfortable position of having to pay legal fees as well as student loans. Do you really want to explain this subterfuge to a potential employer?

If you have been accused by the police in Maine of OUI, “Operating Under the Influence of Alcohol or Drugs”, possession of a controlled drug or any alleged motor vehicle, civil or criminal offense, feel free to call Attorney John Webbtoday at 207-283-6400 and arrange a free consultation to discuss your case or visit:

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