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Authorities Gear Up for Holiday High Visibility DUI Enforcement

We’re nearly a week away from Christmas, which means many of us are wrapping up the last work week before vacation, preparing to leave town, or getting ready for guests. As Christmas and the New Year approach, we at the Law Offices of Virginia L. Landry, Inc. would like to remind everyone in Orange County and throughout California that law enforcement will be substantially increasing efforts to crack down on drunk and drugged drivers.

If you plan on celebrating the holidays and the New Year, be aware that more officers will be on the road than at other times of year. Why? The holidays, especially through the New Year, see some of the highest rates of drunk driving accidents of any time period. Because of this, authorities do everything they can not only to enforce the law, but also to increase awareness with efforts like:

  • High visibility checkpoints – Checkpoints are a commonly used DUI enforcement tool in California and many states across the country. Although they can and often do result in arrests, they are also used for the psychological influence they can have on the public. Motorists who hear about or encounter checkpoints obtain the impression that law enforcement agencies are constantly looking to enforce DUI laws. This can go a long way in influencing public views and actions.
  • News releases – Law enforcement agencies will often issue news releases about grants and anti-DUI campaigns that last throughout the holiday season to show local residents that extra efforts are being made to crack down. Additionally, law enforcement agencies publish information about their saturations patrols and checkpoints.
  • Awareness campaigns – You may have noticed more television or radio commercials, essentially PSAs, about avoiding drunk driving this holiday season. They’re there for a reason. Many advocacy groups and organizations join together to raise awareness during this time of year, and to remind motorists about saving lives and avoiding arrests. This December was also declared National Impaired Driving Prevention Month, which resulted in a nationwide awareness campaign about the dangers of drunk and drugged driving.

Whatever your plans are these next few weeks, it’s important to understand that authorities are focusing on stopping and arrested impaired drivers, which can put them in a position to face harsh penalties and consequences. If you find yourself facing DUI charges this holiday season in the Orange County, CA area, the Law Offices of Virginia L. Landry, Inc. is always available to help. Call (877) DUI-QUEEN (877-384-7833) to discuss your case!

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