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Red Sox Player Charged

MA DUI Attorney Steve JonesAfter his alleged hit-and-run DUI arrest in Florida, Bobby Jenks stated “I am embarrassed by the situation and apologize to my teammates and to the Red Sox organization for any distractions I may have caused.” Jenks, a relief pitcher for the Red Sox, was arrested 9 days after his 31st birthday.

According to the booking details on the Lee County Sheriff’s Office website, Jenks was charged with five misdemeanors including DUI and leaving the scene of an accident involving damage to property. In the police report, it is alleged that Jenks was stopped in his white Mercedes SUV after an officer witnessed the driver exiting the roadway in an “unsafe speed” and driving on the sidewalk. Corporal Leonard Gould, the report’s narrator, also states that Jenks acknowledged he was “all over the road” and attributed it to the fact that he had taken “to [sic] many muscle relaxers.” Gould goes on to quote Jenks as saying “I’m going to be honest with you, I was just leaving Babes because I hit a car. I just had to get out of there.”

Upon inspection of the vehicle, the report indicates a deputy on scene found a small amount of damage to Jenks’s bumper. Contact was made with the bouncer at Babes who indicated he had spoken with the driver of a white Mercedes SUV and the driver stated that he was shaking because he was on muscle relaxers. After striking a parked truck, Babes’ bouncer asked the driver to park his car so he could get him a cab. The driver took off, hitting two other parked cars. The bouncer’s description of the driver matched that of Jenks.

As almost all police reports claim, Jenks had glassy eyes, slurred speech, and was unsteady on his feet. Jenks was asked to perform field sobriety tests but was unable to do so because he was “messed up.” It was at this time that Jenks was placed under arrest.

After his arrest, Jenks was taken to the station and asked to take a breath test with which he complied. The reading? BAC 0.00. No urine or blood test was completed.

Receiving far less media attention was Matt Bush, who was arrested one day earlier than Jenks in Florida with substantially similar charges. According to the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office booking sheet, 26 year old Bush was arrested for DUI, driving while suspended, and hit- and-run.

Bush was a first round draft pick in 2004 but has never played in the majors. Recently considered a Tampa Bay Rays prospect, it has been made clear in the days since the incident that Bush will not play for the Rays.

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